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Career Killing Words

There are certain words that the highest performs in any industry NEVER use.  Do you?  This episode lays out an array of career killing words that people use everyday and explains how to get around falling into the trap of using them at work.

Check out this episode!

ConMan Talk – How to get someone to stop talking


In this episode I talk about how to deal with someone who talks too much.  Plus, I introduce a japanese invention called the “shut-up gun” that will rock your world.

ConMan Talk – Stubborn People


People are stubborn. That includes you (and me too). In this episode of ConMan Talk you’ll see how being more persuasive is usually the WRONG approach to convincing someone who doesn’t want to change their mind. I’ll let you in on an extremely simple and easy technique to use instead. Check it out.

ConMan Talk – How to tell someone they suck


People suck (sometimes) at what they do.  Letting them in on that can be tricky, right?  No matter how “nice” you are sometimes we’ve got the tough job of dropping a bomb on someone.  Check out this episode to find out how to do this without beating around the bush or being a jerk.  Try out this simple approach and let us know how it goes!

ConMan Talk – Dr No


In this week’s episode I talk about dealing with “Dr. No,” or someone who seems to disagree with everything you say.  We’ve all got a few people who fit this bill in our lives (sad but true, I know) so I lay down some simple advice for how to talk to deal with them.  As always, it’s simpler and easier than we think, we just tend to do it wrong.